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Taur y Melegyrn

No in elenath híluvar am râd gîn


My real job is office manager at a law firm. I'm also a part-time not exactly professional grade musician and singer. Single and probably will stay that way but I always say "never say never." I'm also a theologian--technically anyone can claim this but I do have a theology degree--and as you see I am not earning a living by it.

I started this journal mainly as a tool to get myself to write. That being said, I do encourage anyone to comment if they are so moved or to add me as a friend. I look forward to and will appreciate your comments!

One caveat: please keep the conversation civil. You are welcome to present your own views but please do not attack mine.

All content in this journal (text, photographs, userpics, etc.) is my original work unless otherwise noted and is under my copyright. Please do not copy (except for short quotes) without my permission and in all cases attribute what you use.

The subtitle of my journal, "No in elenath híluvar am râd gîn" is Sindarin and means "May all the stars shine upon your path." The Sindarin text and translation are from Fiondil, and as I have just remembered that piece of info, I may end up changing the subtitle as I've not yet asked permission. It helps to note sources!